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Cleland Jardine Engineering (now BPA) prides itself on its diversity of project work.  Since 1993, the firm has successfully completed thousands of projects on a wide range of private and publicly owned facilities with project construction values upwards of $200 million dollars.

Structural Building Engineering

CJE (now BPA) can deliver structural engineering services from the earliest planning stages through to the completion of construction. Our team of expert structural engineers can provide designs for any building including full structural design, component design, seismic engineering, wind engineering, sustainable design, and value engineering. With diverse experience, our engineers can deliver on any type of building project including high-rise buildings, post-disaster buildings, complex institutional and healthcare, greenfield construction, or any major expansion project both vertically and horizontally. Whether it is as a sub-consultant or as a prime, a design-bid-build, design-build, construction management, or IPD project, our structural building engineers can complete any construction project large or small.

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Structural Restoration & Rehabilitation

The ongoing maintenance and renewal of existing buildings is critical to their longevity and CJE (now BPA) has a team with extensive experience in this sector. From low-rise to high-rise buildings of any complexity, heritage buildings, to parking garages, our Building Science team is composed of a group of experts that can investigate, assess, and make recommendations on repair and rehabilitation methodologies that balance immediate costs with total estimated building life cycles and client values. Whether the focus is on preventative maintenance, corrective actions, evaluation of deterioration, or renewal solutions, our team of specialists combine their building science theory with practical expertise to create the appropriate solutions for each project. Concrete, masonry, steel, wood, any structural material can be restored or rehabilitated with the right team.

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Structural Renovation & Revitalization

More than ever there is a focus on sustainability and the revitalization of existing buildings for the next generation. Whether it is the conversion of an existing office to a new residential tower, the extensive renovation of the interior/exterior of a building, or a minor renovation to facilitate a new fit-up, the CJE (now BPA) team has the expertise to perform any mandate. Focusing on pre-design investigation to determine project constraints and align those with client goals our team of experts develop practical solutions that are not only technically sound but also mitigate the impact on the areas of the building that are not intended to be renovated. Our building engineers understand structural and project constraints and work to ensure that we find solutions to the distinct challenges associated with these types of projects.

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Building Condition Assessments, Evaluation & Studies

Our team also works on building evaluations and studies. We can provide complete building condition audits, reserve fund studies, and other due diligence reports that will allow building owners, managers, and developers to develop capital plans for their properties. Across all three departments, we fully understand the complexities of building lifecycles and how they are influenced by the components that make up the building including cladding, envelope, roofing, and construction techniques. Our structural engineers and restoration specialists including heritage experts, corrosion experts, and green building specialists ensure that we continually incorporate best practices and the latest technology in our building assessments and recommendations.

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Construction Services & Temporary Construction Works

At CJE (now BPA), we never compromise on our construction services. On all our projects we provide construction administration services that are aligned with each project’s size and complexity. We continuously monitor our project’s construction activities with a focus on quality, constructability, budget, and schedule. Consultants, contractors, sub-trades, and owners all benefit when collaboration is the focus. As part of our construction services, we provide shop drawing review, construction site review, review and approval of contractor RFIs, and progress draws. The firm also provides services related to temporary construction works. Shoring, demolition methodologies, and temporary supports are just some of the many construction activity engineering designs that the firm can perform.

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Envelope Investigation & Rehabilitation

The envelope is key to the longevity and durability of a building. Envelope issues can result in environmental issues, poor comfort levels for occupants, poor building system performance, increased energy costs, and depreciation of the architectural vision of the building. Our envelope specialists and engineers provide full investigation and rehabilitation services on existing buildings. Our cladding expertise includes heritage expertise, thermal imaging, and air leakage performance. This expertise is combined with innovative investigation techniques, including drone surveying, and our engineering experience with current and historic cladding system compositions to allow our team to provide envelope rehabilitation recommendations that identify, address, and remediate any performance problems helping to optimize building environment performance, reduce operating costs, and improve the visual characteristics of the building.

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Roofing Investigation and Consulting Services

Roofing is a key component of a building’s envelope performance. Our team can evaluate, solve, and prevent issues with the performance of roofing systems and waterproofing. Our investigation reports focus on providing building owners and operators with the key information, identifying causes, impacts, and life cycles roofing issues. We make thorough use of physical testing, thermal imaging, drone surveying, water infiltration tests, and air leakage tests to ensure that all investigations are both thorough and timely. When developing solutions to roofing issues our team focusses on providing practical options that meet or exceed owner and industry driven expectations for performance, long-term maintenance, sustainability, and budget.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

With a BIM design and modelling process that was established over a decade ago, our team can collaborate in an efficient and effective manner on any project with a BIM process. Our team utilizes BIM throughout the project lifecycle to improve information exchange, make more well-informed decisions, and produce more efficient building structures that meet overall project goals and objectives. Adding overall value to any project, BIM done effectively can identify issues and assist in solving potential problems in a virtual space, not on a construction site.

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Parking Structure Restoration

While all of our new parking structure projects focus on durability to ensure that lifecycle costs, maintenance, repair, and downtime are reduced over the life of the structure, our restoration specialists have extensive experience in the investigation and restoration of existing parking garages.  Well-versed in the latest techniques of investigation, testing, construction methods, and repair technologies our specialists have earned the reputation of being able to develop durable and cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges involved with a parking garage restoration project.  Together we work with building owners so that proposed restoration work can be phased to maintain the daily operations of their businesses.

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Seismic Risk Evaluation & Mitigation

Where buildings are in areas where earthquakes are a consideration, our design engineers expertly design new structures to seismically resist the loads associated with these events. While new buildings address these loads in design, many existing buildings in these areas were not originally designed to account for these forces. In these cases, our seismic engineers can perform detailed assessments of the structure and non-structural components of the building to identify areas of risk, building demand-capacity ratios, and provide an owner insight as to a building’s seismic concerns. Done in multiple phases, these assessments provide an owner with the necessary insight to be able understand their building’s vulnerability and make informed decisions on how mitigation can be performed. When upgrades are desired, CJE’s (now BPA) engineering group works to find innovative and cost-effective solutions to upgrade the building without compromising building operations and occupancy.

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Occupational & Functional Component (OFC) Seismic Engineering

In both new and renovation construction projects in seismic zones, new OFCs are required to be seismically restrained such that they do not become damaged in moderate earthquakes. CJE’s (now BPA) New Construction and Special Projects groups specialize in providing these designs for both consulting teams and our sub-trade partners. Whether it is ceiling restraints, mechanical system bracing, piping supports, or new AHU framing, our team can provide safe and efficient structural solutions.

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Speciality Structures

Structural engineering is not just applied to buildings. Many structures require specialized expertise and innovative ways of design in order to allow them to be compliant with local codes and standards. This work includes signs, light standards, products, or a-typical construction materials. Our diverse Special Projects portfolio includes a group that works with owners and product developers to create designs that are not only safe, but that can meet the requirements of local building officials.

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Sustainable Design & LEED

As the focus of society moves closer to Net Zero, the demands on building engineering designs have become more challenging. To meet these demands, the CJE (now BPA) team remains committed to sustainability, green design, LEED, LEAN, and understanding the building lifecycle. From using cutting edge technologies, working with local fabricators to improve efficiency or lower carbon footprints, to using sustainable building products like CLT, our clients know that their green priorities are ours.

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Prime Consulting Services

When called upon, CJE (now BPA) can provide prime consulting services to our project partners. CJE (now BPA) can assemble a team of architects and engineers who can complete any mandate large or small. With in-house developed project management tools, our team can facilitate a complete project including investigation, design, tendering, contract award, contract administration, and financial verification.

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Client communication and transparency are at the heart of good project implementation. On all our projects, CJE (now BPA) team members work collaboratively together on solving challenges, establishing expectations, and always meeting critical deadlines.

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