Matthew Jaynes – A 25 Year Ride to the Top

Matt Jaynes, Director of CJE’s Building Science Division

A person’s career is often like the mountain bike trails in the Gatineau Hills. It is a journey filled with hills, valleys, mud, and a few bumps along the way. More importantly, it is a journey of progression, development, strength, and perseverance. A journey that Matt Jaynes has taken, and now at 25 Years, he stands at the summit of the trail as the Director of CJE’s Building Science Division and a leader in his field.

Matt’s leadership and dedication to his craft has helped him grow CJE’s Building Science Division from a group of two to a group of over 20 engineers, building specialists, and engineering technologists. Originally focused on concrete restoration and building condition studies, this talented group now houses expertise in envelope, roofing, and complete building restoration and rehabilitation, as well as heritage building assessment and revitalization.

While he stands at the summit of his first trail, Matt has never been one to rest on his laurels. A dedicated husband and father to three boys who all have their father’s sense of adventure and love for mountain biking, Matt is now preparing for the next ride. With CJE now a member of BPA, Matt is starting to turn his focus to a new trail. A trail whose summit will represent the placement of Building Science expertise in all of BPA’s office across Canada. The ride will take time, but Matt Jaynes is the one to do it.

Today, the entire Cleland Jardine and BPA team says thank you to Matt Jaynes. While we look back and celebrate the past 25 years, we are even more excited to see what the future looks like for him. Matt, congratulations on 25 years, cheers to many more years together.