Special Projects - Specialty Structures

Structural engineering services on the following types of specialty structures:
  • Event tents and stages
  • Shelving and racking systems
  • Fibre reinforced plastic structures
  • Aluminum structures
  • Structural glass
  • Composite building materials
  • Curtain wall framing

Project Case Studies

  • Trudell Medical International, Clean Room

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Many medical facilities have specialized clean rooms that can be used to prevent the spread of deadly diseases or to store medical supplies. These clean rooms may be built into the original structure or can be separate structures installed within the building. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained to provide a structural review of one of these clean room structures which was installed within the Trudell Medical International Building in London, Ontario. The clean room consisted of a 30’ square box measuring 10’ tall. The structural elements of the room were built with extruded aluminum shapes connected together using nylon inserts at the connection points. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd reviewed all of the structural elements for dead loads of the room as well as the lateral loads imposed by seismic and interior wind pressures.

  • Ikea Ottawa, Frisby Tire – Shelving and Racking Systems

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cold formed structural steel racking systems can be found in almost every retail store and storage warehouse throughout the city. These pre-engineered proprietary racking assemblies are modular and relatively simple to assemble with few parts. In many cases, the anchorage of the racking base plates to the base building structure is required to be reviewed and certified by a local professional engineer prior to their use. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd works closely with cold formed steel racking suppliers and installers to review and approve the installation of the installed racking assemblies for compliance with CSA A344.1, industry standards and for their intended use. Some of the more notable racking installation projects that Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd has been involved in include the Ikea Ottawa warehouse racking and Frisby Tire warehouse storage.

  • Jazz Festival, Children’s Festival and Escapade, Event Tents and Stages

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Each summer, Ottawa hosts a number of outdoor music festival events such as the Ottawa Jazz Festival, the Ottawa Children’s Festival, and the Escapade Music Festival. At many outdoor festivals and events, the organizers erect large open air concert stages and also tents to allow for the performances to proceed rain or shine. Over the past several years, Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd has been retained by the organizers of these festivals to review and certify the erection and installation of the large event tents and custom stages.