Special Projects - Shoring Systems

Services provided under this area of expertise include:
  • Design of temporary construction equipment supports
  • Design of wall and column temporary supports
  • Design of specialty scaffolding
  • Excavation support
  • Foundation underpinning

Project Case Studies

  • Parliament Hill Senate and House of Commons Ventilation Towers, Shoring

    Ottawa, Ontario

    As part of a major renovation project being performed to the Senate and House of Commons ventilation towers at Parliament Hill, Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd formed an integral part of the project design team. Our role was to conceptualize and provide details on the interior and exterior shoring solutions which would cover the towers from the ground to the peak and provide access and working platforms for the duration of the two year project. The shoring solution which was approved included long span structural steel beams bearing on roof parapets and the towers walls supporting a complex scaffold assembly.

  • National Gallery of Canada, Great Hall Scaffolding Review

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The National Gallery of Canada is one of the most recognizable sites in Ottawa, due in large part to the large glass enclosed structure known as the Great Hall. The Great Hall measures 43 metres tall and is covered in approximately 1,500 insulated glass units. The clean glass look of the Great hall makes it a site to see from both outside and in. To ensure the Great Hall maintains its beautiful views, the gallery recently underwent the gruelling process of changing all 1,500 windows. To accomplish this, scaffolding was constructed on the inside and outside of the hall providing access to every single window. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd worked as the Gallery’s representative throughout the design, erection, and deconstruction of the scaffolding. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was responsible for the analysis of the existing structure to ensure that the loads imposed by the scaffolding would not exceed the design loads of the structure as well as field reviews throughout the construction phase to ensure the scaffolding was erected as intended. The project was completed in the Spring of 2014.

  • Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project Rideau Centre Station

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained to design the temporary shoring system for the excavation of the new light rail transit system station in the Rideau Centre. The LRT access required lowering the excavation in the existing Rideau Centre by approximately 5½ meters as well as temporarily supporting the main building columns in this area to allow for the excavating and construction of new footings and installation of new columns.