Special Projects - Green – Sustainable Energy Systems

Review of structure and design of supports for:
  • Solar panels
  • Equipment racking
  • Wind turbines
  • Sun shades
  • Green roofs
  • Storage tanks

Project Case Studies

  • City Of Kingston Solar – Solar Panels

    Kingston, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained by a local energy solutions company as the base building structural engineer of record for a multiple building roof mounted solar panel project which has been implemented throughout the City of Kingston. The project included the installation of flush mounted, inclined ballasted and inclined fixed solar panels and racking assemblies on over a dozen City of Kingston buildings including the airport, local fire halls, libraries and community centres. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was responsible for reviewing each of the roof structures and assessing its ability to safely support the additional loading.

  • US Department Of Energy Solar Decathalon – Team Ontario – Sustainable And Energy Efficient Solar Powered House

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The U.S. Department of Energy hosts a biennial competition called the Solar Decathlon which sees 20 collegiate teams from around the world compete to design, build and operate the most sustainable and energy efficient solar-powered house. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was the Structural Engineer of record for the Team Ontario house which included a collaboration between Carleton University, Queen’s University and Algonquin College. The detailed design process included the design of temporary foundations with seismic earth anchors, the design of long span wooden roof beams and exterior walls capable of being well insulated while also being modular and able to be transported on the back of two tractor trailer trucks. Team Ontario placed 1st in Engineering and 6th Overall in the competition which took place in October 2013.

  • Dymon Self Storage – Solar Panels

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained by Dymon Self Storage as the Engineer of Record for the solar panel installation projects on eight of their storage facilities in the Ottawa area. These included the Innes, Vimont, Coventry, Prince of Wales, South Keys, Kanata, Carling, and Walkley locations. At each of the locations Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd performed a roof load capacity analysis and worked closely with the solar panel racking supplier to determine the most feasible loading and support arrangement for the roof mounted systems.