Special Projects - Building Components & Stand-Alone Structures

Services provided under this area of expertise include:
  • Roof anchors and fall arrest systems design and verification
  • Stairs and access ladder design
  • Catwalks and platforms design
  • Industrial equipment support structure design
  • Sign framing and foundation design
  • Overhead cranes and runways design and certification
  • Railing and guardrail design
  • Canopy design
  • Modular and portable building design and certification

Project Case Studies

  • National Library & Public Archives Building, Auditorium Catwalk Upgrades

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The National Library & Public Archives of Canada is entrusted with many of the most important documents throughout the history of Canada. The main building where the public can obtain access to these records and documents is located at 395 Wellington Street. The building was officially opened in 1967. The auditorium within this building is frequently used for various events and presentations. Above the auditorium is a series of catwalks that provide access to lighting and electrical sources. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained to provide a review of the catwalks to highlight any safety hazards that may exist. The existing catwalks were found to only have a guardrail on one side and the guardrail was found to be not sufficient enough to resist the guard loading according to the current Building Code. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd designed a new steel guardrail which was installed on the side with no guardrail and designed reinforcement for the existing guardrail so that it could now resist the required loads.

  • Communications Research Centre, Roof Top Access

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The Communications Research Centre Canada is a campus focused on the research and development of wireless technologies. As a result, access to the roof levels on many of the campus structures is a daily occurrence for the staff and scientists. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd has been involved in many projects throughout the campus including one of the most recent and currently ongoing assignments which includes the design of three new stand alone structural steel stair cases which will provide easy access to important research equipment on the penthouse roof levels.

  • 20 Chesterton Drive, Condominium Front Entrance Canopy

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The main front entrance canopy at the 20 Chesterton Drive condominiums was in need of a facelift. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained by a local architectural firm to join their team and perform the structural design and detailing of a new modern looking front entrance canopy. The canopy consists of a moment framed steel structure supporting a sloped glass roof. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd also provided structural input on the concrete ramp, stairs and curved sidewalks.