New Construction - Retirement Homes & Long-Term Care

Project Case Studies

  • Stonehaven Manor Retirement Residence, Phases I, II, and III

    Kanata, Ontario

    Stonehaven Manor, located in Kanata, Ontario is a 2-storey, 70,000 ft2 building of wood framed construction. The building was designed and constructed in two phases (40,000 ft2 and 30,000 ft2) to suit the owner’s budget requirements. The facility houses residential units, assembly areas, and a large dinning facility. Engineering challenges on this project included the design and detailing of structural elements at the expansion interfaces to allow for the erection of the Phase II building without disruption to the existing occupants, as well as, the provision of transfer beams in the ceiling space of the dinning and lobby areas to accommodate the functional programming of the building and allow for large areas free of structural elements.

    Phase III is a 4-storey plus basement, 55,000 ft2 building composed of reinforced concrete construction. A secondary link area, housing a pool and recreational facilities, connects this building to the original 70,000 ft2 wood framed retirement home. This link was composed of structural steel. The facility houses an underground parking garage, residential units (including an assisted living floor), and, assembly areas. Engineering challenges on this project included structural transfer elements to allow for the construction of the pool, renovation and expansion to the existing building dining hall while keeping the existing facility occupied, and the detailing of the interface between the new and existing building, specifically as it relates to connecting a new building with a basement to and existing building at grade.

  • Waterford Retirement Residence

    Barrie, Ontario

    The facility located in Barrie, Ontario is a 6-storey plus basement, 100,000 ft² building composed of reinforced concrete slabs and walls. For this project an emphasis was placed on providing a very cost-effective and efficient structural system that still was flexible enough to allow for the incorporation of transfer members to provide open assembly areas on various floors in the building. The building was also designed and detailed to accommodate the construction of a future horizontal expansion with minimal disruption to the building occupants.

  • Colonel By Retirement Residence

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The facility is a 75,000 ft2, 3-storey (plus partial basement), long-term care residence. The structure is composed of reinforced concrete slabs and walls, with pre-engineered wood trusses being used to form the complex roof structure on the building. Due to the complexity of the building’s curved and multi-level roof, innovative designs were required to ensure a cost-effective and efficient structure.