New Construction - Community Centres & Religious Facilities

Project Case Studies

  • Metropolitan Bible Church

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The project involved the construction of a new two storey 6,600 m2 multi-use facility that housed a tiered-seating Sanctuary, office and administration areas, classroom space, a lecture theatre and a full Gymnasium. Due to adverse soil conditions, the design was focus on providing the most efficient, light-weight steel structure possible. The requirement for large open spans over the Gym, theatre and Sanctuary required using long span steel trusses and innovative designs to ensure that multi-level roof was a cost-effective and efficient structure.

  • Albion-Heatherington Community Centre

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The 730 m2 facility, completed for the City of Ottawa, included a full size Gymnasium, mechanical mezzanines, as well as office and teaching areas. Long span wood trusses were utilized to provide a column free area in the gymnasium area. The multi-level roof and mix of construction materials offered numerous engineering and detailing challenges that were overcome with innovative solutions that were developed with the architect and other project team members.

  • St. Isidore Catholic Church

    West Carleton, Ontario

    The project involved the construction of a new high storey, 12,000 ft2 building with interior mezzanine areas totalling 1,500 ft2. The building was composed of a combination of wood and structural steel framing including exposed heavy timber trusses in the vaulted center corridor of the assembly area. A 3 story high bell tower was erected adjacent to the main hall building and a single storey link was constructed to allow for a connection between the new church and the existing community building on the site. Building was designed to be expanded in two directions in the hall area to accommodate an additional 3,000 ft2 of assembly space.

  • Blackburn Community Centre

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The 2,500 ft2 single-storey facility houses assembly, kitchen, and office areas. The building was framed using a combination of conventional wood framing, reinforced masonry, and glulam rafter frames. As the structure of the roof is exposed to view, significant coordination was required to be done with the other members of the project team to ensure that the design achieved the visual look developed by the architect and owners.