Building Sciences - Foundation Investigations & Restorations

Project Case Studies

  • War Memorial Foundations Investigation

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was originally retained to carry out a detailed investigation of the foundations below the War Memorial. The investigations found that the podium around the Memorial consisted of approximately 25,000 ft2 of suspended structural slab over a crawl space. The structure was found to be in very poor condition. Recommendations were made to install temporary shoring and limit heavy loads until the slab could be permanently replaced. Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained on a quarterly basis to review the slab for safe ongoing use by the large crowds expected every year and to provide details for required temporary shoring.

  • Cumberland Heritage Museum, Community Hall Restoration

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was retained to conduct a visual review and structural assessment of existing wood structural members. Restoration of the community hall included a full replacement of existing floor joists, in order to return the structure to modern building code standards. In addition, emergency shoring was designed and reviewed over the Holiday Season of 2013 to maintain occupancy for Santa’s Workshop.