“We do this work because we like it. We love working with our clients and working with our people.”


This month the Ottawa Construction Association magazine features a cover story on what makes Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd what we are.

25 years ago, principals Mike Cleland and Bob Jardine started Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd with that philosophy and they have maintained it ever since.

“Cleland Jardine Engineering celebrated a milestone anniversary in October. And while the company is well regarded for its ability to execute technically, its founders will tell you that crunching numbers and realizing great design is only part of the reason that business has been so successful.

It’s perhaps easy to think of engineering as a methodical, details-focused discipline. In many regards, it is. But consider for a moment that there is also a human dimension to the business. Engineering is not all about slopes and loads and the distribution of force. It’s also about solving problems. And doing so in a way that leaves the client with a smile on his or her face.”

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