Mike Kam – 10 Years of Leadership and Laughs


On June 29, 2019 Cleland Jardine Engineering Limited is celebrating another milestone of commitment and longevity with the 10-Year Anniversary of Mike Kam!

In 2009 Mike joined CJE with a solid background in building restoration, structural engineering, construction, and project management.  Since joining the firm, he has become a project Lead for the Building Science group and proven to be a valuable resource on not only the projects that he delivers for our industry partners, but, in the mentoring many CJE Team Members over the years.  Mike is both methodical and meticulous in his ways, and as such, he is the perfect mentor for new recruits who benefit from a well-structured approach to problem solving and reporting.  Due to his approach, many of our most difficult restoration projects are handed to Mike with confidence.

While his engineering and leadership abilities are exemplary, Mike’s contributions to CJE’s company culture are legendary.  Whether it be his ‘festivus’ like feats of strength bets (i.e. throw a ball on the roof or field goal challenges), his videotaped Christmas cheers, his role as Game Show host at the Annual CJE Holiday Party or as one of the acts in the CJE Air Band Competition, you can always find Mike with a smile on his face (and most likely a large collection of coffee mugs on his desk) and a goal to bring a smile to those around him.  Mike truly helps to define CJE’s TEAM Building Outside the Boardroom philosophy.

On any project you can bet on Mike.  Just don’t try to bet against him!  Happy 10th Anniversary Mike, we toast you with our coffee mugs full.