Adam Corbin – 10 Years of Making Buildings Better


All buildings have a life cycle. All buildings eventually need repair. In order to complete those repairs in a proper and efficient manner, while still maintaining operations, it takes the experience of an individual who understands how building systems work and more importantly how to correctly assess them and determine the appropriate rehabilitation strategies to repair them. Since 2010, Adam Corbin has been a staple of the firm’s Building Science Department, performing these types of projects, and today we celebrate his 10th Anniversary at Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd.

A Building Specialist, Adam has extensive experience in the building restoration including condition assessments, façade restoration, roof replacements, and thermal scanning. More importantly Adam is a key member of the CJE Family. A devoted father and family man, he always brings a spirit of positivity and energy to the office. Always up for a good joke and a laugh, he is very rarely seen without a smile on his face, even when he is ranked quite low in one of the many sports “pools” that he participates in along with his other CJE Teammates. Whether relaxing at his cottage or on the most challenging of job sites, Adam’s even-keel approach to life always ensures that his project partners can count on him to be focused on the task at hand, and how to best get to the end result.

Congratulations on 10 Years, Adam. We look forward to you “hanging around” and celebrating future milestones with you!