TEAM Building is Not Just Reserved for the Boardroom

In today’s world of e-communication, cell phones, and webcams there are times where it can feel like everything is moving at light speed and we are passing by each other at that same pace. Our ability to reach anyone, anywhere, at any-time can allow us the false sense of being connected to everyone, without really connecting. This reality can cause us to take for granted the importance of face-to-face interaction and personal connection in the building of a true TEAM; which in the end, is a group of individuals who come together to successfully achieve a common goal.

Cleland Jardine Engineering Limited (CJE) seeks to find TEAM building activities for their clients and staff both inside and outside of the boardroom walls.

On every project, no matter how aggressive the schedule or how challenging the design, CJE utilizes our TEAM design approach to produce innovative and cost effective engineering solutions to meet our client’s needs. The TEAM approach is applied both externally in our work with other consultants, owners, users, engineers, and contractors; as well as internally between the engineers, technicians, and administrative staff assigned to any project.

As the TEAM is stronger when the members trust and care for each other, CJE helps create opportunities for our staff to come together and bond in activities other than just those that are project related. Partners, engineers, technicians, and administrative staff regularly engage in group activities outside of office hours. Everything from a fishing club to a biking group, pick-up ball hockey, corporate teams including softball and curling team, as well as, a sponsored ice hockey team are part of the CJE Corporate lifestyle. Annual events including a CJE Camping Trip, Lobster Boil, Golf Tournament, Christmas Party, and a Super Bowl Party (including Ice-Bowl Football Game) allow staff to come together, bond, and more importantly develop trust and relationships outside of the office walls. These events re-energize staff and truly help to create the CJE TEAM that successfully completes hundreds of projects every year.

In the end, sometimes the Boardroom stories involving schedules, deadlines, and design solutions are just as important as the stories about “the one that got away” or “who scored winning goal in last night’s hockey game”. Personal connections matter more than ever now.

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