Salus Clementine – Affordable Housing

Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd was a proud team member for this great project.

Affordable housing such as the Salus Clementine with the Salus Corporation helps to find solutions for homelessness through the provision of safe and low-cost housing. The Salus Clementine building is an energy efficient, healthy, and durable residence which is designed to reduce operating costs dramatically.

Ryan Munden, Brian Johnson and the design team worked to develop an efficient structure that included super-insulated exterior walls, geo-passive foundations, and light-steel framing.

Congratulations to all our teammates on the project including CSV Architects, Taplen Construction, Smith and Anderson, and Lashley + Associates Corporation.

Interested in learning more about Passive House? Check out the Passive House Case Study featuring CSV Architects’ Salus Clementine project on page 37 of the Fall 2017 issue of SAB Magazine!

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