Robert Nevin, P.Eng – 20 Years (and more) of Professionalism and Practicality

It is fitting that September is the month in which new Engineering students enter the halls of our nation’s universities to begin their journey to becoming the next generation of Professionals. In 1992, a young Rob Nevin sat in the Minto C.A.S.E. theatre at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and was asked to look to the left and look to the right to see a person that may not be there at the end of 4 years. At the time, neither he, nor the engineering student on his right, could have realized that the person beside them would become not only a lifelong friend, but, also a fellow Teammate & Partner at Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. More importantly, that day represented the beginning of a career dedicated to professionalism and practicality and on September 20th, 2019, Rob’s career reaches a very special milestone, as we celebrate his 20th Anniversary with CJE.

Rob’s longevity with CJE, and as a friend, is a testament to his firm belief in loyalty, duty, and professionalism. Since joining the firm in 1999, these characteristics have allowed Rob to rise and become a leader in the firm as the Associate Manager of the New Construction Department. In this role, he oversees the construction administration of all aspects of CJE’s new construction projects, while also personally providing construction administration services on the firms’ more “high profile” and complex projects that require an individual with a keen eye for detail. More importantly, his emphasis is always on a practical and common-sense approach to solving on-site challenges to ensure that projects are maintained on schedule and on budget. With his over 20 years of industry experience, Rob’s focus is always on balancing the needs of the structure with the requirements of the other disciplines, owners, and constructors on a project. He believes that collaboration is the best method to ensure that challenges are overcome. In his Management role, Rob ensures to pass this ethic onto the current and future Team members in the Field Services Group, and works closely with field staff to ensure they also reflect CJE’s TEAM Design philosophy.

A dedicated family man and father of two, Rob also wears another hat as a Leader in the Canadian Army’s Ceremonial Guard and as a Reservist. As a Guardsman, like his role at CJE, he now serves to train younger reserves on the importance of duty, professionalism, and loyalty to the cause. When not doing these activities, he is a dance & soccer dad, enjoys travel, and the outdoors. All these aspects of his life are what has allowed Robert Nevin, P.Eng. to become a key Team member of Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. over the these past 20 years.

Congratulations, Rob. CJE celebrates with you, and reminds everyone that you never know what places you may go when you look to the left or to the right.

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