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The Jackson Building is a 9 storey plus two-basement level structure composed of a reinforced concrete frame with brick cladding. A penthouse composed of a combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete framing with masonry infill is located on the roof of the building. The building as it stands today was constructed in 3 phases. The original building was constructed in 1919, with a 3-bay addition being constructed in 1941 and a penthouse addition/cladding replacement/floor infill being constructed in 1969. As the main building (1919) and its principal addition (1941) were designed prior to 1965, the structure was likely designed for wind loads alone without specific consideration for seismic forces. The updating of the existing Phase I, II, and III seismic study reports for the Jackson Building such that they reflect the changes in seismic assessment criteria in the 2005 National Building Code of Canada.