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New Construction - Industrial & Manufacturing

The Iogen Ethanol Demonstration Plant is an industrial project where Iogen Corporation, in conjunction with PetroCanada and Technical Partnership Canada, intends to demonstrate their specialized process to break down corn stover using enzymes. The sugars are separated from the feedstock and eventually processed to produce ethanol for fuel additive in internal combustion engines. The work consists of a structural steel frame 70 feet high with a composite concrete floor on metal deck with a total floor area of 60,300 ft². The envelope includes insulated metal cladding and a standard built up roof. The ground floor is constructed on concrete mattresses 30 inches thick with a floor plate of 15,900 ft². The process includes 22 separate process and instrumentation diagrams and involves several storage vessels and other heavy equipment. The plant is based on new technology but is being built with many refurbished equipment components.