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New Construction - Health Care

The project, developed using the MOHLTC Capital Planning Process, involved the renovation and expansion of the existing facilities. Composed of three, 3-storey plus basement horizontal additions with a total area of approximately 120,000ft2 and approximately 70,000ft2 of interior renovations, the building structural systems for the expansions were comprised of a combination of reinforced cast-in-place concrete and structural steel. The buildings housed new office, lab, patient care, assembly, and treatment rooms. Vibration sensitive equipment was located throughout the building with sound/vibration isolation being a key consideration during the design process. CJE participated in all stages of the Planning Process, with advanced structural details being developed in Stages 2 and 3 through the use of the BIM (REVIT) process to ensure that the structural systems were integrated effectively with the Functional Programming requirements. Careful consideration was given to user and operational requirements when developing efficient and cost effective structural solutions to the challenges of expanding and existing Hospital Facility.