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  • Supreme Court of CanadaOttawa, Ontario
  • Jackson Building Seismic StudyOttawa, Ontario
  • PWGSC Central Heating and Cooling PlantsOttawa, Ontario
  • Public Archives Storage Building Seismic AssessmentRenfrew, Ontario
  • Public Archives and National LibraryOttawa, Ontario

Project Case Studies

  • PWGSC, Supreme Court of Canada

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Engaged to do a seismic evaluation and options analysis for the Supreme Court of Canada the project involved the analysis of the existing 200,000 ft² structural steel and masonry infill structure. A National Treasure with Heritage designation for interior and exterior features throughout complicated the ability to gather information regarding the composition of the building. CJE worked closely with PWGSC to perform minimal destructive testing on the building while still gaining insight into the building behaviours. An additional study was undertaken on the parking garage to assess the integrity of the podium, columns, and walls that are subjected to environmental degradation.

  • PWGSC, Jackson Building Seismic Study

    Ottawa, Ontario

    The Jackson Building is a 9 storey plus two-basement level structure composed of a reinforced concrete frame with brick cladding. A penthouse composed of a combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete framing with masonry infill is located on the roof of the building. The building as it stands today was constructed in 3 phases. The original building was constructed in 1919, with a 3-bay addition being constructed in 1941 and a penthouse addition/cladding replacement/floor infill being constructed in 1969. As the main building (1919) and its principal addition (1941) were designed prior to 1965, the structure was likely designed for wind loads alone without specific consideration for seismic forces. The updating of the existing Phase I, II, and III seismic study reports for the Jackson Building such that they reflect the changes in seismic assessment criteria in the 2005 National Building Code of Canada.

  • PWGSC, Central Heating and Cooling Plants Seismic Assessments

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. completed seismic studies of the Cliff Street, Tunney’s Pasture and Confederation Heights Central Heating and Cooling Plants in Ottawa. Gathering and review of existing drawings and reports, site visit to review the building’s structural system and non-structural elements, detailed 3-D structural analyses, evaluate building seismic force resisting system, blast resistance and the potential for progressive collapse were assessed for each facility. Various blast scenarios in terms of the explosive weight and blast proximity outside the plant were considered, review of functional/non-structural elements, as it relates to operational and life safety requirements.

  • PWGSC, Public Archives Storage Building Seismic Assessment

    Renfrew, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. was engaged to perform a seismic screening assessment of the Public Archives Storage Building in Refrew, Ontario. The P.A. Storage Building is a two-level (420ft x 320ft) building constructed of a combination of cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete elements. A seismic screening of the building in accordance with the NRC’s “Guildines for the Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings” was performed and included a detailed site condition investigation, document review, cladding investigation, and, completion of a seismic scoring form. Both structural and non-structural elements were carefully reviewed and assessed in order to determine any potential seismic hazards within the building. Upon the completion of the investigation, the results were outlined in a detailed report that was incorporated into the owner’s long-term planning strategies for the building.

  • PWGSC, Public Archives and National Library

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. was engaged to perform a detailed seismic assessment and expansion feasibility study on the Public Archives and National Library (PANL) building located at 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario. The PANL building is a granite clad 9 storey, plus 5 mezzanine, plus 3-basement level concrete structure with a secondary auditorium attached on the west side of the building. With respect to the seismic assessment, a detailed site condition investigation, document review, cladding investigation, and full 3-D computer models were done in order to determine the seismic performance level of the existing building. Based on those results, several reports were prepared and included the development of seismic upgrading strategies and cost estimates that were incorporated in the long term planning of the building. Cleland Jardine was also engaged to complete a horizontal expansion feasibility study for the PANL building. Multiple options for the building expansion were developed in cooperation with the owners, users, and multi-disciplinary consultant team. The results of this study were also presented in detailed reports that were to be incorporated in the long term planning of the building.