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New Construction: Our basic design philosophy at Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. is “Team Design”. The building structure must serve the needs of the users of the facility. The need for structural integrity is only one of a myriad of user needs the building must satisfy. The guidance of the entire design team (users, owners, project managers and other consultants) is essential in developing the appropriate structural frame for the building. This project involves several complex requirements which emphasize the need for a strong coordinated team effort.

This team approach is also extended into the services provided by Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. The experience and expertise of all personnel at Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. is drawn upon in developing and critiquing structural elements of the building. Building science and field staff are called upon, as required, to provide input into material and construction procedure specifications. Their expertise is highly beneficial in developing efficient and durable structures.

Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. provides the services of a Principal of the firm on all projects. We feel this to be vital in our ability to provide responsive service and to produce innovative and cost effective designs.

Another important element to the success of a project is the provision of a high level of field representation during the construction of the building. We never compromise on this component of our services, as the design is only as good as its implementation.

Cleland Jardine Engineering has this design philosophy on numerous commercial, residential, industrial and institutional projects in the City of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region, including:

  • Ottawa Heart Institute – P.E.T. Centre
  • Ottawa Heart Institue – Reference Centre
  • The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus Emergency Expansion
  • The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus Critical Care Tower
  • The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus Parking Garage
  • The Ottawa Hospital – Riverside Campus Retrofit

  • Civic Hospital - Ottawa

    General Hospital - Ottawa