Building Information Modelling (BIM)…it is the present & the future of Team Design.

In order to stay current and meet the needs of an ever changing construction industry Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd (CJE) established their BIM Modelling Group in 2010 which operates on the latest version of Autodesk’s REVIT. While AutoCAD is still used in the industry and continues to be an integral part of our projects, CJE’s move to integrate BIM into their design process was done to further the firm’s ability to provide our TEAM design approach on our projects.

As REVIT is not used to just “generate drawings”, but a parametric modelling tool, it has improved CJE’s ability to work with other Project Team members by allowing for easier discipline coordination, a better understanding of design intent and challenges (through interference verification and 3-D visualization), and, when used by the constructor, a project model that can be updated in real time to reflect site conditions and changes.

In fact, CJE’s Engineering staff prefers projects where the TEAM utilizes REVIT as a BIM modelling tool, as it represents the creation of models that are similar to what Engineers have been using for years to analyze complex building structures and complete their designs. Now, the language of a program such as REVIT is the same as the language of most of the 3-D analysis programs utilized by the Engineering Team.

CJE has completed numerous projects utilizing REVIT and BIM including very complex projects involving existing buildings such as the additions to the Hawkesbury General Hospital and the University of Ottawa’s Learning Centre, as well as, on confined downtown sites such as the University of Ottawa’s STEM Building.

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