25 Years of Engineering Excellence

In 1993, Michael Cleland, P. Eng. & Robert Jardine, P. Eng. opened the doors of a new structural engineering firm, Cleland Jardine Engineering Limited. Despite the consideration for generic corporate names for the new firm, both felt that the name Cleland Jardine was a representation of how they wanted to conduct their business. They believed that their names characterized the fact that the firm’s core value would be the provision of engineering services by identifiable and responsible people, not a numbered company. They have maintained that fundamental philosophy to this day, as it embodies the core values of CJE’s TEAM DESIGN approach that is used on all our projects. Both Michael and Robert are still deeply involved in many of the projects that pass through the glass office entry doors at 580 Terry Fox Drive in Ottawa. They know the importance of the firm’s project work, and want to continue to mentor the staff at CJE on the values inherent in our TEAM DESIGN philosophy.

Starting out with a staff of three, Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. has grown to a staff in excess of 50 over the past 25 years. This growth has allowed the firm to expand from two departments to three in that time. Initially starting with the New Construction and Building Science departments, which do work on new buildings, expansions, renovations, building condition studies, investigations, repair and rehabilitation, as well as envelope investigations and repairs, the firm now also includes a Special Projects Department. This department, which looks after building components, shoring systems, and speciality structures, represents CJE’s desire to continue to serve our clients in the best and most expedient way possible. In addition to the departmental growth, the firm has advanced technologically. All departments make use of the latest in computer aided design programs, and, BIM has been integrated into the firm and continues to evolve each year with the ever-changing industry. Our Team also uses advanced technology, such as fibre optic and infrared thermal cameras, to perform more detailed investigations of existing buildings.

While a company’s success can be measured by a variety of metrics; profits, output, revenue, or market share, the leadership at CJE prefer to look at success as represented by the growth of the organization‘s Team, and the positive impact that has created on their lives and families. CJE sees our staff as a family, comprised of both those people who are in the office, and their partners, children, and extended families. While the firm has grown to be one of the biggest independently owned structural engineering firms in Ottawa, the core values still remain based in that small three person firm that started 25 years ago.

Please join us in celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2018 as we look to the future, while drawing from the past and embracing the present.

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